OBC COVID-19 Update


Dear Oakhurst Family,                                                                            

First, Merry Christmas and I pray you are well as you begin reading this update. Since the late stages of the summer, OBC has been able to enjoy a nearly full resumption of schedule. We did well through the summer months and even up to this point and have had no one contract the virus while attending services or activities that we are aware of. We have done our part and will continue to do just that as services will continue. As you may be aware, COVID-19 just simply will not go away. Because of this, there has been a drastic up-turn is virus cases not just across the state, but also right here in Clarksdale and Coahoma County. While we will never halt worship services again because we are essential to our town and county, due to the up-turn in virus contractions we are taking extra measures to be proactive and cautious.

While worship services will not be cancelled or suspended, there are been a few things scaled back or suspended in our schedule and are the following: Wednesday Night Meals have been suspended through January 2021, RAK has been suspended through January 2021, Children’s Church during the Sunday morning Service has been suspended until further notice, Men’s Bible Study has been suspended through January 2021, the CAC Walking Ministry will be suspended beginning December 18th through January 2021. These are the only suspensions that will take place during this time. ALL SERVICES AND SUNDAY SCHOOL WILL NOT SUSPEND because we are essential and must obey the Scriptures to meet and to fellowship together as the Church and we can do so, safely.

While our scheduled services will continue, I do ask you to exercise caution. I encourage you to do so out of courtesy for each other by continuing to follow the guidelines for Worship. Jesus teaches us courtesy and respect with what we know as the “Golden Rule.” In Luke 6:31, Jesus says, “Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.”

If you feel safe attend Sunday School and Worship, please do! We are taking every precaution necessary to ensure a safe environment for worship services. I want to see my Church family studying the Scriptures and worshiping the Lord Jesus together in person as always! However, if you do not, please feel free to continue worshiping from home and leading your family in Bible Study. All Sunday School material is available in the Church Office or through your Sunday School teacher. So, please feel free to get it and use it for your family’s study time. Just as a reminder for Sunday School and Service times, and please take note of the Guidelines for Services as we meet each week.

Guidelines for Worship at OBC:

1.         We ask that if you do not feel well, are sick, or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please stay home and worship with us online via Facebook or Local TV.

2. We ask that if you do not feel comfortable attending service being 65 or older, have a compromised health condition, or because of the health crisis itself, please feel free to stay home and worship with us online through Facebook or through local TV.

3.         Beginning Sunday December 13th, temperatures will be taken at ALL entrances to the OBC complex by the OBC Security Team and Ushers.

4.         We strongly recommended that face-covering or face-masks be worn in and around the OBC complex at all times on Sundays and weekdays (This includes the office complex). A mask is available upon request if needed.

5.         Hand sanitizer and anti-septic wipes are available at ALL main entrances.

6.         We strongly recommend you wash your hands after using the restroom for at least 20 seconds.

7.         Pews have been roped off and we ask that you sit in open and empty pews.

8. Please continue to place your tithes in the offering plates on the communion tables or on the altar.

9.       We strongly recommend refraining from handshaking and/or hugging.

All of these guidelines are for everyone’s personal health protection, so we are able to continue services safely and to prevent the spread of the virus. Please make note of these guidelines before each Sunday.

The 10:50am service will continue to be live-streamed through our Oakhurst Live Facebook Page and broadcast through local television on Channel 72. Also, please continue your giving as instructed either in person in each of our services, by mail to 828 W. Second Street, Clarksdale, MS 38614, by delivery to the Church office during office hours on Monday – Thursday from 8am-5pm, or by request of a Deacon. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at OBC.

For His Glory,

Pastor Mark Jackson

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