OBC COVID-19 Update


Dear Oakhurst Family,

Good afternoon and Happy Friday! I have exciting news! First, I would like to say thank you for your patience and your resilience over the last 2 months during this health crisis. I alongside of our deacon body and your judgment as a Church have all done the best we can to ensure the health safety of our Church. This past Tuesday night our deacons along with myself met and discussed the possibility and the reality of resuming Church services. After much discussion and looking at our options given our current county and statewide situation, our deacons and myself collectively agree it is safe to resume our 10:50 morning worship service with precautions starting this Sunday, May 17th. We will hold service in the Sanctuary with the CAC designated as overflow. Once our ushers see that we have reached capacity given our safety guidelines, we ask that you be seated in the CAC. These precautions include the following:

  1. We ask that if you do not feel comfortable attending service being 65 or older, have a compromised health condition, or because of the health crisis itself, please feel free to stay home and worship with us online through Facebook or through local TV.
  2. We ask that you arrive for service no later than 10:30am to prevent crowding and to seat people/families appropriately.
  3. We have designated the “Piano side” door as the primary entrance to the Sanctuary and the “Main Door” for the CAC. Please enter through that door.
  4. We recommend you bring your own facemask to wear during the service.
  5. We recommend you bring your own hand sanitizer.
  6. We highly recommend you wash your hands after using the restroom for at least 20 seconds.
  7. We ask that families sit together in the side sections, one family per pew, every other pew.
  8. We ask that individuals sit in the middle section about 6ft apart, every other pew
  9. We ask that you place your tithes in the offering plates on the communion table by the piano and by the door in the CAC as you enter or as you exit the service.
  10. We recommend to refrain from handshaking and/or hugging.

All of these guidelines are for everyone’s personal health protection, so we are able to resume services safely and to prevent the spread of the virus. Please make note of these guidelines before Sunday.
While we will be back worshiping together in person on Sunday Morning, I, along with the deacons and at the request of the Church, will continue suspending Sunday School, Choir, Nursery, Children Activities, Youth Activities, Sunday Evening service and Wednesday Night service beginning Sunday, May 17th through the week of May 31st. While it is only one public service on Sundays through the end of May, it is exciting to be back together for worship, again! No matter what we face, we will always continue our ministry at Oakhurst. We will always teach the Scriptures, worship the Lord however we can, and spread the Gospel as we are called to do!
Yes, we are back together on Sunday mornings and the 10:50am service will continue to be livestreamed through our Oakhurst Live Facebook Page and broadcast through local television on Channel 72. Sunday night and Wednesday night services will continue to be livestreamed at 6pm each of those nights as well. Parent(s), please continue to lead your children in Bible Study at home. It is essential that you be the main point of discipleship for your children and teenagers. Also, please continue your giving as instructed either in person in the Sunday morning service, by mail (Church address is above), by delivery to the Church office, or by request of a Deacon.
Thank you for being patient and resilient, Church Family! Please continue checking on each other, serving each other and your neighbor, and loving each other for we are Oakhurst. Please feel free to contact me, Brock, any of our Deacons or Ms. Dianne if you have a need and we will serve you as best as we can. Please know your Pastor loves you and is blessed to have such a great Church family. We are Oakhurst and we are OBC together.

For His Glory,
Pastor Mark Jackson

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